Intellectual property is often a company’s most valuable asset. And it requires the most skilled lawyers to protect or monetize those assets. We are trusted by clients around the world — start-ups and large companies alike — to handle their most important intellectual property matters. For many lawyers, such cases are perhaps the most difficult to present to a judge and jury. It takes scientific expertise combined with the ability to connect with and teach the listener. Even for a skilled litigator, the nuances of patent infringement, inventorship, ownership, copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, and trade dress can be difficult to grasp.

At Cadwell Clonts Reeder & Thomas, complex intellectual property cases are our bread and butter.

Our team of intellectual property lawyers are first and foremost teachers. We know technology — bolstered by degrees most relevant in intellectual property matters — and we know how to explain even the most complicated inventions so that a layperson can understand.

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